The antistress room & regenerative system by TERRA® Medico



There is power in tranquillity.

The Energy & Antistress Sleep Set

Restful sleep is indeed extraordinarily important for the health of body and mind. Because at night we process the stress of the everyday life and gather energy for the next day. Healthy sleep is not always a matter of course. The TERRA® Medico sleep set fulfils precisely this particularly important desire for restful sleep.


  • Improves the quality of falling asleep and sleeping through the night
  • 18.3 minutes less time awake after falling asleep
  • 2.6-fold increase in sleep efficiency (increase often even doubles deep sleep phases, giving you significantly more energy).

The sleeping set can only be booked for the entire duration of your stay..

In the combination of the sleep set and the regenerative system, three positive physical properties ensure that you decelerate, relax and regenerate. The property of grounding (1), light (2) and the capillary principle (3). Each one fulfils an important function, and all of them work wonderfully together!


In addition and also separately usable, we recommend the TERRA® Medico Regenerative System.


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